The backstory: How and why we started feedback for events with Spirē.

The idea behind collecting feedback for your events is simple: if people could find a way to share their experiences at your event, you could find a way to improve based on that feedback.

The backstory: How and why we started feedback for events with Spirē.

It takes a lot to create a remarkable and unforgettable event experience, but it's not impossible. Event organizing, however, can be chaotic and comes with a lot of challenges as well. You need to be able to hold and keep people’s attention for long, they needed to be able to hear you, ask questions, make complaints whether it’s as little as their seat not being comfortable enough or as major as the sound not reaching them plus make suggestions on how they’d love to experience your event without necessarily disrupting the ongoing programs. Simply put, every touchpoint mattered.

So what happens when all of that hard work ends up not giving the thrill you thought it would but worse, you don't even know about it.

When we looked at feedback for events, it was through this lens. Beyond just collecting feedback from customers and businesses, we wanted to see, how could events planners elevate the experience their attendees get?

How it started.

At Spirē, we are always open to experimenting, given there’s the chance or likelihood that the results from a test were capable of improving digital experiences, which is the core of why we exist.

For example, If you've followed our journey actively from Twitter where we started to build initial momentum till now you would be familiar with the fact that we started as a user research platform, conducting and carrying out a successful social experiment with our first product, Spirecrowd. In the first few months, we were able to organically gather up to 2000 people as verified testers to complete different product research testing before recently pivoting fully to feedback collection and customer experience management. See tweet here.

The idea behind collecting feedback for your events is simple: if people could find a way to share their experiences at your event, you could find a way to improve based on that feedback.

For your participants, it is an opportunity to have a voice and share their own opinions, for you, it is an opportunity to hear from the attendees and then create more in-touch experiences to become more profitable or gain more strategic positioning depending on what your goal is.

We believe that every touchpoint is valid and relevant in experience management and it could be the smallest detail from one observant or participant at your event to really change your perspective and the overall experience for several others and though our audience were primarily businesses and teams, we soon discovered we could also explore Spirē as a feedback collection tool for events which is why when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped on it.

Why Feedback for Events, and how does this benefit the end users?

The approach to event and experience management has changed significantly, especially since the pandemic.

It meant two things:
1. People are now less likely to attend an event today than they were two or three years ago, unless it promises to be extremely valuable and worth their time.

2. More people were opting for virtual meetings and reducing in person meetings where possible. What this meant for event managers or organizers is that there was a significant shift in their sector that they had to keep up with.

Participants or attendees at events today now have more expectations in terms of experience than they did a few years back.

So they needed a competitive edge and we found out that;
By simply taking in what your audience had to say about the current event and learning about their experience, you could drastically improve the next one.

How did Spirē come in?
So far we have had the opportunity to partner with about 5 events as the official feedback and experience partner. We started with Unstack, and afterward, we've gone on to partner with Africacomicade, Jiggyvest, TedXAjao and very recently, the Devfest event in Lagos and Ibadan respectively.

How we are building Spirē for events

You might be wondering, how does this work? The model is pretty straightforward, just like with customer feedback. Many people want the best experience when they go to an event but unfortunately this is not always the case and what happens next? There’s no place for them to make these reservations known, and in most cases, they never get to.

Different emotions go through a participants' mind at your event and the only way you stand a chance to be privy to it is when you ask them. Did they feel the event had enough value? Did they think the concepts discussed were relevant? Did they enjoy their time there? These are the kind of insights you’re looking to receive when you open yourself to receiving constructive feedback from your audience. And these were the metrics we were going for with our setups at these events.

Since you cannot go to every participant in person and ask while the event is going on, Our platform provides a simple, seamless, and automated way for participants at your events to give feedback and talk about their experiences. The idea behind collecting feedback for your events using Spirē is to give every participant a voice, an avenue to give real-time feedback right in the moment or after the event. A healthy feedback loop with your audience can go a long way in taking your events to the next level. You’ll have your audience feeling listened to and appreciated when you ask them what they think and how they felt about the whole experience.

Participants can easily scan a QR code that automatically takes them to a page to drop their feedback so they could either report an issue, ask questions, Drop an observation or rate their experience so far at the event.

Now we collate all of this feedback in one place and share it with the event manager to gain insight into what the experience was like at their event. We are also responsible for creating short yet concise questions suitable for each action to help participants give contextual feedback.

So far, we've recorded success collecting feedback for every event we have partnered with but as with every new product, there continues to be a lot we can do to even improve on bettering human experiences on all ends and this is a huge part of why we are building at Spirē. There are great prospects for scaling this and we are making sure there’s a seamless way for anyone, group, or persons to collect feedback as for most businesses and even individual brands, event marketing is a key part of spreading awareness about their brand and what it stands for.

Whether you host in-person or virtual events, there’s a lot you can do to optimize your audience’s experience by receiving and implementing suggestions from your received feedback. In the coming months, we plan to explore even more new and modern ways we can improve digital experiences using Spirē .

Here’s a short video from our session at one of the events we collected feedback at, where Spirē’s co-founders give more in-context discussions.

You can follow us on social media @spireafrica or reach out at [email protected] With any questions and our team will be glad to answer.