Getting started with Spirē Feedjet on Webflow

Learn how to gather and manage customer feedback better with Feedjet, a Feedback Management Software by Spire designed to help you transform Feedback into insights that drive customer spend and loyalty.

Getting started with Spirē Feedjet on Webflow

We are constantly innovating newer ways for you to collect and manage customer feedback better, and with Spirē ‘s Feedjet, you can now automatically receive and organize customer feedback in one place with no stress.

Here's a quick guide on how to install Feedjet on Webflow.

Step one: Log in

Visit to log in or sign up.

Note, as we are still in Private Beta, you can only log in if you are signed up on the waitlist already.

However,  you can click here to sign up to request access to the Beta and we’ll help you get set up immediately.

Step Two: Create a project

Click on '' New project''

Select the type of feedback you want to collect

Add more information about your project.

Add a title and then input the Webflow website you want to collect feedback on.

Click continue.

Step Three: Embed with Code

Copy the generated code as described in the box

Step Four: Paste the Code on your website

Return to your Webflow website

Go to settings

Click on custom code and paste as fit.

[''Headtag'' in headtag and ''Bodytag'' in bodytag]

Step Five: You are all set!

Save changes and click publish.

To check if Feedjet is now live on your website;

A “ Leave Feedback” icon would show up at the right hand side of your website and users can click on it to report an issue or drop a feedback directly from your site.

'Leave Feedback' button on far right of the page

How to manage incoming Feedback.

All feedback you receive will show up in your project inbox that can be accessed when you visit your Spirē dashboard.

Here you can respond to and manage incoming feedback conveniently.

Manage all Feedback in the inbox

Add an image attachment or even send an email reply depending on the type of feedback you receive.
You will also receive notifications every time there's a new update.

And that is it!  You are all ready to start powering better experiences for your customers by listening to them.

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