How Spirē can help businesses collect customer feedback better and easier

You probably remembered the last time you experienced terrible customer service. You most likely promised never to patronize the brand or business again or simply aired out your displeasure on social media because there was no better channel available to express how you felt.

It's not very often that we know the businesses we patronize on a personal level and naturally when an experience is bad we take to social media to express our displeasure.

According to this study by Moz , online reviews impact 67.7% of respondents' purchasing decisions and word of mouth continues to be an actively organic propeller of business growth.

From our research, we discovered that for most small businesses and even mid-stage startups, customer feedback was highly appreciated and welcome but there was still no structured process in place for collecting it.

Which begged the question, Where do you gather all of this feedback and how do you manage it in one place outside of good old google sheets where things just go to die? There was also not just the issue of collecting feedback, there was also the need to collect it as less chaotic as possible.

We saw this gap and took the opportunity to build a product that addresses all of these worries concisely helping businesses climb on the radar where they want to be.

Starting Spirē began as an idea on a Whatsapp group for designers in 2020. Conversations leading up to this showed that there was a gap in the management and collection of customer feedback and user research data in the Nigerian Tech ecosystem creating the need for a better way for product, design, engineering, marketing, and customer success teams to get feedback from the users they were building for.

With better channels and tools to manage feedback, many businesses can do so much more to delight their users.

A research by Microsoft established that 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today compared to one year ago.

Gartner also predicts that 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience.

See study here

We've designed Spirē so businesses can reach their customers wherever they are, and collect feedback from them through their most preferred platforms from websites to social media.

How Spirē works in real time

Spire is the conductive tissue bringing customers and businesses together in one place.

Once you have created your Spirē account and logged in,, you will need to choose the kind of feedback you want to collect. Depending on whether or not you have a website, you can choose to use either Feedjet or Feedlink.

FeedJet :

 Feedjet is a widget on Spirē that allows you generate a unique code to paste on your website and collect feedback from your users.

Read this post on how to embed Feedjet to your website.

Once you have installed feedjet to your website, you can easily collect feedback and everything goes straight into your Feedbox. You can create surveys, and have your customers drop their ratings and reviews on a product or service after every touch point, or even report a bug etc using Feedjet

Feedlink is even more exciting as you don't need a website to use Feedlink. As an online vendor this matters a lot.

When we checked amongst many of our target users, we discovered feedback was important to online vendors but many of them lacked a way to collect feedback as their businesses were either hosted on Twitter or Instagram instead of a website but all this is solved with Feedlink.

Feedlink allows you generate a simple link that you can paste on your preferred channels or share it with all your users to collect feedback and manage it all on your Spirē account.

Who can use Spirē now ?

Anyone and everyone looking to grow their business with insights gotten from customer feedback needs Spirē. From customer success managers to product managers to even engineers. Pretty much everyone involved in the building of a product from start to finish.

Some Common Use cases

Freelancers :

Completed a project or task for a client? Want to hear what your client really think about what you do but even more a place to store and share the feedback? Use Feedlink to generate a simple link where your clients can drop reviews on the quality of their experiences with your service.

Small Businesses :

Gather feedback from your customers regardless of where they are located, send customized surveys, get product ratings , and respond to all of this feedback together in real-time. Utilize Feedjet on your website and Feedlink if you don’t have a website.

Startups :

Test run and iterate your product phase with your customers. Run surveys to understand what they want, create CSAT tests to collect feedback. Keep all your customer feedback across departments, teams, projects, and clients organized in one central place. Collaborate with engineering teams better solving product requests and Keep Everyone on the Same Page with regards to incoming customer feedback.

Gain real time insights, track the frequency of a request so you know how to create better for your users. Receive real-time notifications as fast as they drop so you can respond to customer feedback as fast as possible.

Today many customers are prioritizing quality experience over even cost of services. Customers go where they are valued, respected and wanted and businesses that know this have implemented strategies around this to grow their customer base and win their loyalty.

You too can achieve this once you constantly speak to your users and now is a good time to try Spirē to help you acheive this.

We recently moved into public beta after being in private Beta for a few months meaning anyone can now sign up to use Spire for free. Take the product on a spin, test it out with your current feedback process. Don't have a current process for feedback? Create one today with Spirē and pay nothing.

Create a Spire account here.