How to embed Feedjet on your HTML Site

How to embed Feedjet on your HTML Site

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Let’s get you started on how to embed feedjet in your HTML site in 5 quick steps

Step 1: Log in to the website

Visit  “”  and sign in with your email and password.

If you don't have an account yet, click on ''Sign Up''


Step 2:  Create a project

Tap on the "New Project'' icon top right of your dashboard

The create a “new project” option allows you name the project you are working on'' the kind of feedback you’d like to collect and the HTML website you'd like to install Feedjet on.

Fill in all required details and Click on Continue

Step 3: Generate the embed code

Click on “embed with code''

Highlight the embedded code , then copy it.

There’s instruction on what code goes in the “head” and “before the body” closing tags to help you select the codes in the right order.


Go to settings in your projects dashboard.

Click on “embed with code''

Copy and Paste Feedjet from projects dashbaord ''settings''

Step 4: Copy and paste

Return to your HTML Site and paste the embed code in your HTML viewer.

Click “Ok” or “save” and then Publish.

That’s it! You have now embedded feedjet into your HTML website and you can now start collecting customer feedback with no hassles.

To manage collected feedback :

Return to your Spirē Dashboard.

Click on inbox to manage all feedback inside of Spirē immediately.

You can also add attachments to address customer feedback immediately.

Manage your Notifications

Notifications alert you on new feedback updates.

Notifications alert you on your connected devices on new Feedback updates so you can attend to all responses in time.

And that's all ! You are now ready to start collecting Feedback from visitors on your HTML site in an easier and better way to manage.

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