How to embed Feedjet on your Website

We created an easier way for businesses, product managers, engineers, designers and individuals to collect and manage product feedback effectively using Spire's Feedjet.

How to embed Feedjet on your Website

One of the many perks of using Spirē to collect feedback is you do not need to know how to code or even have any serious technical background to get started. Now, everyone has the chance to hear their customers feedback in a method designed to be both seamless, efficient and easy.

What is Feedjet?

Feedjet is a software created by Spir that allows you to easily collect customer  feedback by embedding a generated Feedjet code into your website.

Who can use Feedjet?

Feedjet can be used by anyone looking for a simpler and more efficient way to collect customer/user feedback (Product designers, web engineers, business owners, startups and individuals etc ) so long as you have a running and functional website/page.

How to embed Feedjet into your website.

With the steps below, you can now use Feedjet to collect any kind of customer feedback, have your customers/users report a bug , share observations or suggestions, rate an experience etc

Step 1: Log In

Visit the website                                                  

If you already have a Spire account simply  input your email and password to log in.

However, if you do not have a Spire account yet, click on ''Sign up here'' to create your account. This will lead you to a sign up page where you would be required to fill in a few details necessary for tailoring your experience to your specific needs.

Next, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address.

After verification, you can now login to your account.

Note: If you are trying this out while signed up to our Beta waitlist already, (we are currently in Beta Testing Phase) , you’ll be able to login and move to the next stage. However if you are not on the Beta list but would like to use the product, proceed to fill in the details required at ''Sign up'' and we will be in touch.

Step 2: Create New Project

After login,

Go to your dashboard and select “ New project” ,  

This brings up a prompt to select the type of feedback you want to collect.

Click on “Continue” to name your project and add the website you wish to run Feedjet on

Step 3: Embed Feedjet

Click on “Embed with code” to copy the link.  Follow the prompts to paste the generated code on your website.

Hit save or publish and that’s all!  Your Feedjet is ready and you can now start collecting feedback with no hassles.

To Manage your Feedjet Settings

You can manage all your projects in the “Projects” dashboard.

Here, you can make changes like change the name of a project, to do this click on ''settings'' .

To trash a feedback or manage trashed feedback, click on 'Trash''

To manage collected feedback :

All incoming feedback would appear on your dashboard in the “Inbox”.

Here you can promptly manage all responses inside Spire immediately.

You can also add an attachment to resolve a feedback, depending on the type and keep track of all your customers/ users are saying to enable you create the best experience for them.

Click on the bell shaped icon to see your “notifications”  and  all the feedback coming in.

To Delete or Disable a Feedjet

Click on the top three dot icons in front of your project and tap either to delete or disable.

Click on enable to reactivate a disabled feedjet.

Note: Spirē’s Feedjet Beta may only be available to those signed up on the waitlist. However, you can request to test it out. Simply sign up here or drop a request here using Feedlink.

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