Why I Choose to Build Spirē

Why I Choose to Build Spirē

Two things – beautifully functional products and exceptionally intuitive experiences. With or without Spirē, I am a sucker for them both.

I consider this the hallmark of every business, and for the better part of my career as a Product Designer, I have used, seen, designed and criticised products long enough to know that there is something fundamentally wrong in how we build products, how people experience them and how we scale that experience to more people. There is a fundamental disconnect – businesses place insufficient importance on what matters most to customers – and this has caused a misalignment between what customers care about and what businesses prioritize.

Data source: I am not lying 😒

You can easily summarize customer wants and needs into three main themes;

  • Products/Services that are easy to use and deliver on their proposition
  • Personalized experiences that carter for their unique peculiarities
  • Customer support that is efficient in providing immediate solutions to their problems.

On paper, these things are not hard to explain but in reality and in my experience, businesses today are not efficiently equipped to collect and manage feedback from their customers, employees and even management across these themes. Current tools are basically band-aids and only address these concerns from a single experience perspective – data collection – they don't take into account how businesses can learn, understand and deliver better experiences to their customers.

Intercom, Google Sheets, Zendesk, Notion, Slack, etc cannot answer these questions for example; who are our customers? what do they want? what is their history, mental models or customer journey? what is the correlation between their product experience and overall customer experience? how can we use what we know about them to deliver better support?

I believe that by understanding human experiences, emotions, sentiments and values through feedback, we can close some of the biggest gaps in how businesses build and deliver products and services as well as how their customers experience them. Because many of the most pressing problems of several businesses occur from a lack of understanding who their customers are and what they want – and that’s a problem I can solve with Spirē. As people use products and services, I believe Spirē will bring innovation to help businesses learn what people want and help them deliver the best-in-class experience to them.

For ambitious unicorns-yet-to-be-born (startups); you will have the incredible opportunity of connecting, learning and understanding your market, product and customers better through feedback. Whether you are figuring out what your market is, validating your ideas & MVP or chasing PMF, we are building products that will give you an incredible advantage to get access to feedback as well as uncover insights that will help you in achieving all of these goals easily.

For growing businesses and unicorns, we know scale brings even bigger and tougher responsibilities and as your '10x customer base' use your products and experience your businesses, it can become chaos. Feedback from customers, teams and even management become scattered across Slack, Email, Social Media, CRM, etc. Spirē’s products will help you collect, organize and manage feedback in a way that is seamless and efficient, supercharging your team to collaborate on feedback seamlessly and uncover insights – all in one place! I believe with these, you will connect and understand your customers better no matter the size, uncover trends and business intelligence to deliver better products, services and experiences as well as ultimately grow your business.

For the everyday customer; when you use a product or service and you encounter an issue or have ideas/suggestions or you just want to say how it made you feel, good or bad, Spirē will make sure you are not part of the 68% of customers that have to repeat themselves several times before been heard or sometimes not at all. You will be able to communicate to businesses in every communication medium possible. I am talking text, screenshots, screen recordings, videos, voice notes, and even gestures. It will be so fast you wouldn't need to blink, be rest assured we will deliver it.

Experience is one thing, better experience is everything! Our vision is to power the most innovative ways through our technology that will better the experience of everyone in every product or service. We see the potential of how human lives can be transformed when the products they use provide them with the best experience and we are willing to try new things by pushing the boundaries to advance how people experience products and services in their everyday lives.

"Why I choose to build Spirē" is a team series where every member of the team gets to write about why they are building Spirē.

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